Steve Mitchell

for Ashland Select Board

Ashland Select Board,

Current Chair

Ashland Farmers Market,

Founder & Board Member

Arts! Ashland Alliance,

Founder & Board Director


Why I Serve

A sense of place and community is very important for me. I have been fortunate to serve in both the “official’ and “grassroots” sides of community life, having served on the Charter Review Committee, 5 years on the Finance Committee, and, currently, the Select Board. I am a founding member of both the Ashland Farmers Market and Arts! Ashland Alliance. But the “official” positions or the “grassroots” interests are not separate from working and collaborating with many others. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside many dedicated and passionate colleagues and friends. Our community quality of life depends on the efforts of many volunteers. Clearly the whole is always greater than the parts, and the progress and advancements that we have achieved are result of many residents committed to making Ashland a better place. 





Ashland Select Board

     Public Safety Building Committee

     Strategic Plan Committee


Ashland Finance Committee

Ashland Farmers Market

Founder & Director


Arts! Ashland Alliance,

Founder & Director

The Dragonfly Festival


Ashland Charter Review 

Ashland Lions Club, Member

Accomplishments as Select Board & Community Member


Town Services

Community & Economic Development

*GFO Award Past 3 Years

*Visual Budget on Website

*Financial Polices

  (Debt, Reserves, Stabilization)

*Financial Trend Monitoring

*AAA Bond Rating

*Stabilization Fund Increases

*OPEB Trust Fund

*Meals Tax Adoption

*Senior Tax Exemption Increases

*Increase in Grant Awards

  ($12M 2014-2019) 

*Increase in Commercial Tax Base:   Over $20M in private Investments over     past 4-5 years

*Use of Impact Studies for            Development Projects

*Increase in Professional Staff and Management

*Human Resources Director

*Improved Public Safety Staffing &     Resources:

  Increased Number of Firefighters 

  Enhanced Community Policing         Services

*Increase to Public Library Services     and Hours of Operation 

*Roadway Traffic Study Committee

*Select Board Liaison to Council on   Aging

*Dementia-Friendly Community,         Committee Co-Chair

*Expanded Human Services   Department

*Senior Services Outreach               Coordinator

*Senior Services Activities               Coordinator

*Director of Prevention Outreach       (Decisions at Every Turn)



*MBTA Access Road Improvements

*MWRA Connection

*W Union Sewer Transmission Line

*Quiet Zone on TIP 2024

*Pond Street Improvement Project

*Public Safety Building,

  Committee Member

*Mindess School Project

*Downtown Revitalization Project

*Riverwalk Project

*Green Community Status

*Warren District Creation

*Town Solar Projects

  (Former Landfill, Schools)

*Energy Performance Contract 

*Net Zero Resolution

*Sustainability Coordinator

*Expanded Fleet of Electric Vehicles

*Upper Charles Trail Support

*Over 400 Acres of Preserved Land

  (Purchases   & Deed Restrictions):

     Warren Center Properties

     Valentine Property

     Girl Scout Property

     0 Tri Street

     Rail Transit District

     Cadilac Paint 

     Nicolo Property (Town Forest)

*YMCA Site in Ashland

*Business Incentive Program

*Corner Spot 

*BAA Grant Program

*Economic Development Director   Position

*Complete Streets Program

*Strategic Plan & Vision,             Committee Member

*National Community Survey       (2016 & 2019)

Art & Culture

*Ashland Farmers Market, Founder     & Board Member

*Arts! Ashland Alliance, Founder 

  & Board Member

    Dragonfly Festival

    “Once Upon a BookFest”                Children’s Literature Festival

    Illuminate Ashland Sponsor

*New Project to Create an Ashland   Cultural District


*Improved Relations with School       Committee

*Joint financial Policies with School   Committee

*Tuition-Free Fun-Day Kindergarten


My Family

Bonnie & I came to Ashland in 1975, originally living on Tri Street before moving to New Castle Road. I am retired after working in the construction industry. Bonnie is currently the Dean of Whittemore Library at Framingham State University. She also serves as an Ashland Public Library Trustee. 


Our son, Matt, is a graduate of Ashland High School and an attorney residing in Boston with his wife, Magda, and our granddaughter Charlotte. And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not include our four-legged family member, Otis. 


Let's Talk!

I enjoy conversation and dialogue. Regardless of the topic. We may not always agree. But I look forward to discussing both the challenges that we may face, and the opportunities to work together to continue to make Ashland a better place. I hope to have many substantive discussions through the election season and beyond. It has been an honor to serve on the Select Board. I remain enthusiastic and ask for the opportunity to continue to serve as one of your Select Board members. Very simply, I ask for your support and your vote at our annual Town elections on June 24.

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